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Why Settle in the City Of Love?

Iloilo City, dubbed as the regional center of Western Visayas, is not only a premiere destination for the country’s top tourist spots and festivals. Iloilo City is also a haven where one could find the convenience of the new world without getting out of touch with the charm of the old world.


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A highly urbanized city, Iloilo is an heir to the title “Queen City of the South” due to its surrounding ports used for trade and commerce during the Spanish period. However, what makes Iloilo, one of its kind in the Philippine archipelago is the warmth of the Ilonggo hospitality that give it its title as the “City of Love.”

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why you should settle in the City of Love.


A City Full of Gastronomic Adventures

Iloilo is surrounded by abundant seas and fertile agricultural lands, hence, when it comes to food, the Ilonggo cuisine is probably among the most diverse and delicious your taste buds can find in the Philippines.

From the mouth-watering Ilonggo batchoy (noodle soup), to sumptuous inasals (charcoal cooked meat) and a wide array of fresh seafood, Iloilo City will offer you a delicious meal more than your money’s worth. Drop by the original Deco’s, Ted’s or Netong’s Batchoyan, have a cup of native coffee at Madge or delight your taste buds with endless seafood choices and other Ilonggo specialties at Breakthrough, Tatoy’s or Annie’s along the coastal area of Villa in Molo. When it comes to good food at reasonable prices, Iloilo is the city to beat.




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A Booming Economy

Noted as the capital of the province, Iloilo City is undoubtedly at its economic peak. With more and more investors both local and foreign, investing on various industries, Iloilo City is becoming a prime business center outside of Luzon.

The 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC) conference has drawn more investors and is still projected to encourage more in the next few years to come, giving Iloilo’s business landscape a major competitive upgrade.

A sure proof these are the BPO and allied industries that has taken over the business districts of Iloilo and the countless other business franchises that have recently opened up to cater to the growing and dynamic Ilonggo market.


A Highly Urbanized City

One visit to Iloilo is surely enough for anyone to notice how it has transformed into a highly urbanized city. Let’s start from the award winning Iloilo International Airport, considered to be one of the best in the Philippines, into the national highway now lined with sub-urban and up-scale communities and the integrated circumferential roads that make going about the city and its neighbouring towns easy and convenient.

In addition, Iloilo is home to some of the country’s best infrastructures. The Iloilo River Esplanade, a mix-use linear park considered to be the longest in the country rivals the Singapore Quay not to mention the six lane roads fully equipped with service roads and a long stretch of bike lane for shared roads. Iloilo is no doubt poised to be the next urban center of the Philippines.

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A City Where the Past is Always Present

Of course, any city could come up with their own set promising infrastructures and economic opportunities, but Iloilo has its innate old world charm that continues to be its competitive advantage.

Go downtown and witness how old buildings dating as far back as the Spanish Era are still intact and functional, visit the Catholic churches and shrines and be amazed by their unique architectures and quite simply, take a walk down memory lane with city’s ancestral buildings and heritage houses.

Iloilo is where the past is always present and where the future is always bright. A cornucopia where development and progress is synonymous with culture and heritage preservation.