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Investing in Real Estate: Hacks You Should Know

Real estate investment is all about the right place and the right time. Surely, now more than ever, the business of real estate investing is at its peak with more and more key cities are catching up with the rest of the world at a fast-paced rate urbanization and economic boom.


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But there’s more to real estate than just progress and development. The point is, it takes a keen sense of vision for one to spot an up and coming real estate gem before anyone else could.  As with any business enterprise, real estate is a competitive world, but if done right, its merits supersede all the risk involved double its price.

While it requires some specific skill-set to spot an investment-worthy real estate deals, here’s a hack that could help you go about getting the best deal and your money’s worth.


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It all starts from where you want the property to be. Start by considering economic indicators such as infrastructure and road access. Follow it up by checking on security and safety by looking at the crime rate and geographical hazard against natural disasters. Doing research means spending some time evaluating the merits of each property in comparison to the price range you’re looking at.

The internet is an open space full of listed properties and good deals. Learn to take advantage of technology and your next property might be one click away. 

Pay Low, Win Big

Say you’ve found the most ideal location and the perfect property that suits your needs, the next step is of course to negotiate the financial matters. This is mostly a do or die part of the deal because you’d need to strike a balance between a good property and a good price. The trick is to pay the lowest possible cash down payment and just mortgage the rest of the cost.  Nonetheless, it’s also important to check on additional cost that could come from repairs and fix-ups especially for second hand properties.

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Do It Yourself

Since we’ve talked about the cost of repairs and fix-ups, it’s also important to know that the property you bought will not always be as perfect as it looks on paper or as ideal as you want it to be. But worry not as this next step will not exactly put you at a losing end. A good raw material could easily be repaired or renovated without having to spend so much. While getting a handyman or a home repair/ home renovation specialist could easily do the trick, the abundance of DIY home renovations materials and your local supply store could come handy for your money.

Maximizing Profit

Most properties can be sold twice its selling price after repair or renovation. As long as it’s given the right amount of tender, love and care, you can up a property’s market value either for leasing or selling. Now that’s an easy way to get your investments back or even double the revenue.


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Buy, Fix, Repeat

If there’s one thing that will never get old, its real estate. As more and more sub-urban areas get reached by urbanization, most property value also climb up. Now that doesn’t always happen overnight, but as with any investment, given the right amount of care and attention, a property can be sold twice or thrice its original price.

A good real estate investment would mean a good property and a prospect of selling or leasing it for revenue. While you may have to shell out initial cost of buying and fixing, given the right amount of TLC could give you not only a household to choose from but a reliable source of income as well.