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The Kind of House that You Want to Have

Before you start finding your dream house, you probably have an idea on what kinds and types of homes that you should consider having. You often search for the type of home what would best match your lifestyle and needs. If you love to entertain, having an open floor plan and a big kitchen and … Read More

Effective and Useful Home Renovation Tips

Hello, homeowners! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought a newly built house, a condo in a maintained community, or chose a property which requires a maintenance work such as redecoration, reconstruction or redesign.  What are the important useful steps that you should take to do necessary repairs and maintenance tasks? So, have you decided not … Read More

Ace your travel goals – 5 tips before travelling

Whether you’re going solo or with the gang, you’d like your travel to be safe and convenient.  We’ve put together 5 tips to guide you in your adventure.  

Why Settle in the City Of Love?

Iloilo City, dubbed as the regional center of Western Visayas, is not only a premiere destination for the country’s top tourist spots and festivals. Iloilo City is also a haven where one could find the convenience of the new world without getting out of touch with the charm of the old world.     A … Read More

Investing in Real Estate: Hacks You Should Know

Real estate investment is all about the right place and the right time. Surely, now more than ever, the business of real estate investing is at its peak with more and more key cities are catching up with the rest of the world at a fast-paced rate urbanization and economic boom.   But there’s more … Read More